by: Danica Joy Ariente

photo by: Ahmad Macky

We people are growing up, just like in a game that has a level up, we also are leveling up. Start from being a child, being a teenager and being adult. Most of us saying that teenage life are the most memorable part of everybody’s life. In that stage, we become mature enough in handling things. It is where we began to plan of who we will be in the future.

Teenagers nowadays can be easily inclined in the patterns of society. We can no longer find innocent teenagers in our generation today for some reason that we are now in the 21st century. There are many cases that are happening in teenagers but, the most common case is the “teenage pregnancy”. I kept on asking myself why is it there are so many teenagers become pregnant? In what reason why they would do such thing? Is it because they are curious? Lacked of guidance? Lacked of love? Etc. It is quoted that “Youth is the hope of our country” when will this quote be achieved if our youth today is the one who’s ruining their lives?

It’s such a great opportunity for me to empower our teenagers, to lead them in a right path and to teach them what the right thing to do is.

Love has its perfect timing. Building a family has its perfect timing. All I can say to our teenagers nowadays is that, before we enter into a situation, let’s think 100 times as we can what will be its result. Will be the result of it can be good to you or is it something bad for you.

To avoid increasing this case of teenage pregnancy, teenagers should be wise on how to handle their emotions. Let’s be patient for everything has its perfect timing. Put in mind always that our parents are doing their very best even though sometimes it is difficult for them and they’re in pain just to give us a better future.

Teenagers don’t ruin the better plans of your parents for you. Do good things that can make you a better person and can give you better future? Always remember, “Everything has its perfect timing, be patient”.

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