by: Ivy Pepito

photo by:

A tree without a fruit is boring, same as receiving nothing in hard work. Every child is important, what would the world look like if there ain’t children existing? A child could act rascal, stubborn, he or she may not listen to you, you may not like them to act like that but come to think of it, do you even care to listen to what exactly they are feeling? Every innocent child is also a human being like us. They have every right to be heard most especially by their loved ones.

A child may look happy, sad, emotional, or angry, try to check on them and maybe you’ll understand. Learning to empower children isn’t complicated it is also the same us achieving a specific goal in life. It is very important for kids to be complemented in doing something remarkable, lifting up their spirits if ever they feel down and tell them it’s okay to try again if they fail to do something.

Believing in them in what they can do and empowering children to be his or her best self can help have a positive outcome in their lives and also yours.

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