by: Lucille Jan Golilao

photo by:

Open your eyes to see not only just what you want to see but to know what reality is truly is,

Use your mouth to say not hurtful words but to fight what is right and to stand to those who speak lies,

Hear attentively and do not ignore others who want to be heard, because one day when you want to be heard all ears will not listen or worse you may not hear again.

Your surroundings is full of darkness, Darkness that is Endless,

Shapes & Colors in the world is what you’re yearning for but fate has been cruel.

Your born banned to see the earth but it’s okay

The reality is not far from what you can’t see.

Many people have their sight but can’t see.

Can’t see the lies behind those promising words and unjustified acts.

Some said you’re lucky for your blindness for it made you innocent compared to those.

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