by: Greg Nicole Sala

photo by: Greg Nicole Sala

           Staring at a vacant seat next to where I found myself lying and just woke up from a deep sleep. It took a while for me to realize and process everything that are going through in my head. It is hard to transition from a great dream back to reality and waking up realizing the world you envision to be as perfect as it should would all a piece of imagination and literally just a “dream” but I tell you it was a world of one color.

            The world where I woke up into is a world of principles and one’s belief system. People not just ordinarily live in order to survive but they fight! They stand for what they believe is right and they never let anyone belittle them. No one is a follower of the other, rather everyone is a leader agreed to one belief which they are common to fight for. They are factions of different banners saying and claiming that they are on the top of the pyramid. This world of principles and belief system resulted to chaos that each faction learned to rewrite the world for them which now called the ideologies.

The first faction is headed by Captain America where they raise the blue flag and continuously fight for the rights and equality for men, into what privileges given to women should be available to them. Masculism is their ideology. They can be often found working hard with physical activities and still they are being attacked by the other factions as they are said to be dominating the world for the past years wherein only few not belonging to this faction are given the chance to rule and lead the nation.

Leading the pack for the second faction is Wonderwoman where pink is their banner and feminism is their ideology. history was tough for them as they were belittled for quite a period of time where they were treated as nobody in early times, that is the very reason why their faction was formed because they believe that the world should treat them as equals not to be someone who are intended for lighter works and housekeeping. Over the long run their faction is believed to be not necessary anymore as their goal is achieved because women now are given the rights and recognition like men do but they must go on as women still need to be protected.

Lastly, people who are bannering the colors of rainbow and headed by Batwoman and they stand for LGBT conservatism and their fight? Simply to be accepted. Said to be the most controversial as their number is growing, comprising a large number of the population and slowly climbing their way on the top. They continuously struggling to fight for freedom and acceptance as people are stressing that they are against the main belief, religion.

In my dream, these factions do not exist rather they are patch into only one belief system and that is love. No gender can ever define the true desire of people and that is to love and to be loved. If I had a choice, I would never want to wake up from that dream where we fight not for power but for peace. In that dream only one color is hand-in-hand raised by people, white!

For the past years we have been fighting for gender equality but is still equality or superiority, the thing is no one should go under the other everyone is hungry to be on top. It is not the equal opportunity for all that we fight for but it is now the chance to overpower the other. When are we going to unitedly wave the white flag that symbolizes not just to surrender from fighting over equality but for peace, just and purity.

I had a dream that one day my dream will not just be a dream but a reality that everyone the desire to have.

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